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 Automated Warehouse

Automated Warehouse

Automated Warehouse Systems often referred to as ASRS systems are used in many industries. Key uses include general logistics and distribution systems within the food, pharmaceutical and general manufacturing industries. FATA Automation designs automated warehouse systems that meet the full needs of the customer.  

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FATA Automation is a worldwide leader in the engineering, manufacturing and supply of automated warehouse systems ( Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems ASRS ). Key applications for automated warehouse systems include supply chain logistics, automated distribution warehouses, final product stores, automotive body storage warehouse systems & automated parking systems.

Automated Warehouses has become a means to control and immediately report the movement of material, providing a critical link in the chain of information systems, which control work-in-process, manufacturing schedules, and distribution.


Features of Automated Warehouses: 


  • Two rows of metal racks that are face to face; a narrow aisle are between the metal racks
  • A raised metal rail is built down the center of the narrow aisle
  • A tall pole travels through the narrow aisle along the rails
  • Once the pole reaches a certain point, a carriage travels up or down the pole to the same level of the location point
  • A load-handling mechanism is built on to the carriage, and then it reaches into the load to be put away or recover a load.

Benefits of Automated Warehouses: 

  • Improving control of products
  • Reduce and maintains accurate records inventory
  • Improves labor productivity
  • Reduces excessive handling of products
  • Increase productive capacity of existing floor space
  • Reduce product damage from multiple handling, location errors and shrinkage
  • Visible
  • Use less energy than most systems
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Helps increase response time to customer demands

FATA Automation, Inc. develops innovative solutions for the automotive, heavy equipment, engine, marine, security, defense, aerospace, car park, electronics, pharmaceutical, white goods, and food industries.

FATA Automation consistently provides our customers with high quality competitive systems. We are able to deliver competitive systems that allow customers to continue service with FATA Automation. We consistently provide our customers with high quality competitive systems.


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